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I am available to schedule appointments with clients who are in need of readings. Please see my page for rates. I offer distant assessment and healing sessions. Please email [email protected] if interested in a reading and or session. All sessions are done via Skype. 


If you going into a consult/reading for a quick miracle to your current circumstances please do not contact me. If you have psychological issues with trauma based mind control you will need to contact who does regression therapy and de-programming.


I offer Timeline Astrology, Consultations, Analysis and Oracle readings. All payments are due in advance the morning of the reading. All transactions are final. You are paying for my personal time and energy.


I am offering classes covering various esoteric studies and  formulas for self empowerment, psychic protection, DNA activation, ascension studies, magick and universal law, consciousness and multi-dimensional states of awareness, healing modalities, crystals and programming, toning and color therapy to list a few. If you are interested in any of these classes you can reach out to me. These classes will be done in virtual rooms unless indicated as a physical location. I will accept sponsors to various out of state areas for anyone wishing to promote and sponsor me doing a workshop in your local area. 


I also offer presentations on covert technology, artificial telepathy, psychotronic programs and other topics in association with the black sciences.  

Understand I am a certified and skilled practitioner with a PHD in Metaphysical Sciences. I am an ancient lineage to Mystery School Teachings and a Facilitator and initiator in DNA activation and healing via ancient Egyptian and Atlantean modalities. 

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