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Ravenstar's Witching Hour with Host Solaris BlueRaven. Saturdays 12 Midnight EST on Revolution Radio at Studio A. Topics covered are Paranormal, Anomalies, Spirituality, UFO's, Covert Technology and much more. 


Thank you Angels of Liberty and Voe Saint- Clare for his fabulous work on my show intro.:)   

Ravenstar's Witching Hour

Ravenstar's Witching Hour


Ravenstar's Witching Hour on Revolution Radio 12 Midnight EST Saturdays

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Here is the link to Steve Colbern's new website regarding Alien Technology Research and Implant Analysis. 

Ravenstar's Witching Hour - Saturdays at Midnight EST on Revolution Radio.

Ravenstar's Witching Hour with Solaris BlueRaven

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