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I offer a service for anyone with a paranormal or anomalous question, Ritual Craft to House Blessings or clearings. Contact me for a consultation. Fees are one dollar a minute. All appointments via Skype must be scheduled. 

Starchart/Divinity/Oracle Reading Special

 I am currently offering a special rate for my reading. $110.00 for a one hour reading. This current rate has been extended until the end of Summer 2017 due to its popularity. Please contact me to schedule an appointment as my calendar will fill quickly. Bright Blessings into the New Year. Ms. Solaris BlueRaven AddThis Social Bookmark Button


My rates are $133.00 an hour without the special. $200 for one hour and 1/2 reading, $75.00 for a 1/2 hour session. 


All sessions are paid in advance the morning of the scheduled appointment.

All sessions are to be paid in advance the morning of the scheduled appointment. If you are looking for a quick fix or miracle to your life do not bother to contact me. There are no instant cures. I do not guarantee your happiness. I do offer council/advice in areas of my expertise which will assist you along the way. All transactions are final. No refunds will be granted. You are paying for my time, knowledge and expertise. 

You can click on the donate button to pay for a session or donate to my research or radio shows. You can also donate by following this link. Thank you Ms. BlueRaven.


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If you choose to contact us please understand this website is for sessions and investigations only. Any other content will be treated as spam. 


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