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Alien Hardware, off world technology and covert deployment. SBR

As many of you are aware Dr. Roger Leir has passed away and moved on to a better universe. His alien technology research paved the way for subjects of alien implantation whether that be done by a covert agency or off world species. His Chief Scientist and colleague Steve Colbern will be carrying the torch to continue the research which takes integrity and sincerity. Steve Colbern did my implant analysis which can be observed through my DVD documentary "Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure of Covert Technology."

A bit of history. When I was hit with my induction in 2004, I had no resources and no one who was really respecting events based on covert tactical assault hardware and AI intelligence. These days have changed. I understand the technology I was inducted with, how it works and how it integrates with the neural circuitry.

Currently the research I can do is limitless yet the funding is not there as with others sincere in this research. No one knows the technology like I do and no one has been a test pilot with the technology like I have. I say this with no ego. That is just the way it is. Hence I am a system's buster for potential candidates and can spot those who have no knowledge or experience with the technology a mile away.

With that being said it is critical the research continues. I along with Steve will be investigating the technology and moving forward with what I would consider anomalies with some interesting characteristics. Feel free to donate to my site in support of this research. It is safe to say the parties involved in my induction will never come clean and pay restitution or admit to their crimes. That does not make them any less guilty. Please remind yourselves to understand these culprits as the parties disclosed are accurate in their criminal acts. These days tactical hardware is used as a passive harassment. It is deployed and sometimes masked as an alien encounter, angel, demon, deceased relative etc. The curtain has been drawn and now one can see exactly what we are dealing with. SBR. 

Hyperspace interview with Chief Scientist for Alien Technology Research Steve Colbern. 05-06-2016.

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