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Blue Star Fortress Grand Coven (Watchers)

Blue Star Fortress Grand Coven (Order of the Blue Star) is in the process of being formulated as a virtual coven and a yearly gathering of magical practitioners, witches and mystical beings including covens from all areas. After much assessment of the political arena associated with some covens, I am guided to create a Grand Coven to those seeking to unify their practices and energies in a larger group where teaching, brainstorming and healing support systems can transpire on a global scale.

Blue Star Fortress Coven was founded by Solaris BlueRaven High Priestess and Elder founded in 2002. The coven consists of those walking the path of the mystical alchemist  and has attracted advanced spiritual beings, Master Teacher Healers and magical practitioners. This includes the Craft at the highest level, Ascension and the process of transmutation as one progresses along the path of the mystical scientist.

This coven transcends all aspects of traditional and non traditional craft-work. My goal is to offer workshops each year dedicated to teaching witches and magical practitioners including special guests which include Master Practitioners of the craft from their perspectives, initiations and lineage.  There is a strong emphasis on ones celestial heritage of the cosmos, mystery school teachings, consciousness and the Divine Godhead of the Sacred Feminine. All are equal on the path of Spirit. There is also a strong enforcement on psychic protection,psychological warfare and overcoming polarity consciousness among the battlefield of the supernatural  and technological wars we are all subjected to.

If you would like to support Blue Star Fortress Grand Coven please donate as guided. All donations will go towards the yearly Grand Coven meet-ups, special guests and supplies for both physical workshops and virtual classes. If you are interested in having your email on my mailing list please contact me and I will include you in all emails associated with Blue Star Fortress Grand Coven and special upcoming events and schedules.


Bright Blessings


Solaris BlueRaven High Priestess and Founder of Blue Star Fortress Grand Coven 

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