NightShadow Anomaly Detectives

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Ms. BlueRaven's books are available on and Authorhouse books." Eye of the Remote" Series was published in 2008 which covers covert technology, her personal induction in 2004, synthetic telepathy, military abductions and back satellites, mind control techniques and psychotronic warfare. This is a must read book for anyone wishing to understand the black sciences beyond the false matrix. 

Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure in Covert Technology DVD is available for purchase at  This documentary covers Ms. BlueRaven's induction in 2004, the technology deployed including an implant analysis scan and the parties involved. 

Ms. BlueRaven is an expert in the field of covert technologies including psychotronic warfare, synthetic telepathy and MK Ultra related inductions. Ms. BlueRaven has been disclosing the misuse of this technology since her induction in 2004.