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Extraterrestrial Identification

The phenomenon of Extraterrestrial activity appears to go hand in hand with life on this Blue World. That which is unidentifiable will appear to many as what their belief systems are in resonance with.

We manifest at will our own reality. The universe being a multi-holographic design will accommodate this reality by altering through the minds eye a perception of experience.

The only time this backfires is when mankind attempts to manipulate realities directing ill will towards others. A parallel bleed-through is created and the web of false realities in the form of a twisted fabric becomes a trap. The universe honors free will. Mankind does not.

In so far as Extraterrestrial species go which I cover in my book and upcoming series. DNA activates through higher consciousness,vibrational frequency and speed. This is part of a Universal Ascension Process.  We become the true Avatars,enlightened beings and multidimensional. 

What I  have observed are covert and rogue areas attempting to alter this celestial process by a hybridization of their personal agenda and assault program to create entities and drones. Sometimes using live subjects as the conduit.

What I can tell you is they will see what the inter-dimensional species wants them to see in reference to their evolution in consciousness. It is given to you according to your beliefs. If they are hate driven and war based they will see and experience a parallel bleed through of an entity shadowing their beliefs and activities in multidimensional space. This entity however is not anchored in any universe or star system and holds no power just the illusion of. Fractured dead space.

Reptiles and Greys are a reflection of these entities which are attempting to control the masses and outcome on this planet. Their intent is not pure hence the form taken is that particular design. Yet this design is a reflection of what you call mankind and not an extraterrestrial source as one would suspect. In other words mankind has the boogies. Matter and energy,consciousness go hand in hand.

Doing the spiritual and scientific work is not about religion. It is about multi-dimensional light consciousness. 

Most abductions are usually MILAB oriented. These are covert experimentations designed  to screw with the multi-holographic mind and psyche. A dangerous game they play and quite damaging to the subject.

Mankind can be tricked by his need to control and manipulate society. As I mentioned if one does not know how to navigate in multidimensional consciousness or inter-dimensional space one can become trapped in the false reality collectives which are generated by false belief systems and man made lies.

What I have experienced with the synthetic telepathy is the psychotronic assault on the mind done in attempt to stop the psyche from experiencing higher consciousness which is indeed unlimited freedom and the true Avatar.

Fortunate for me I had done the Spiritual and Scientific work ahead of time. When people claim abduction they almost always say they have experienced some form of  telepathic communication.

This is not unusual except the covert intelligence areas use this technology to influence the psyche to a point the subject will see what they want them to see and hear what they want them to hear. The inter-dimensional species will play that game back to them on multi-parallel levels and mirror their evil agenda back onto the areas misusing the technology.

As above so below. The electronic brain-links are another beast designed to do one thing. Create a frequency fence and misuse of feedback dialog. Simply not o.k. This is not done by an extraterrestrial source. It never was. It has been done by mankind. 

Mankind has blamed his incompetent experimentation on a celestial race who has done nothing to contribute to his malicious agenda and intent. The entity bleed-though is created by mankind and the misuse of  technology creating a rift in inter-dimensional space.  A reflection of shark infested waters. One does not know the danger until one rises to the surface and sees what is surrounding him.  

Controlling thoughts and the mass collectives are so appealing to mad men. They feel they can influence realities and outcomes yet what they do not realize is the universe does not accommodate this type of manipulation and never has. It is a violation of universal law, ones Celestial heritage and free will.

Mankind misuses technology, mankind will go back to the void. Mankind does not honor free will in others hence his free will is taken from him on a universal level. The time trap. 

There is a vast universe which does not and never will resonate with mankind and his personal agenda. Mankind will not see this. Those of us who know are a witness to the destruction. 

Ms.Solaris BlueRaven

Ascended Watcher 







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