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Hyperspace launched on KCOR Digital Radio Network  March 18th of 2016. The show has been a great success and will continue to be. You can tune in to Hyperspace each Friday at 12 Midnight EST/09:00 P.M. PST on KCOR Digital Radio Network.

If you would like to advertise a banner on my Hyperspace page at KCOR you can reach out to Ms. BlueRaven and she can provide you with a low cost monthly fee to advertise your site. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the show please contact Ms. BlueRaven. 

The show costs for production each month out of pocket. Hosts do not get paid. If you would like to donate or support the show each month you can do so by donating here on Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives or on KCOR Digital Radio Network. Thank you.



Magickal Compass. Navigate the waves of consciousness with Solaris BlueRaven on Blogtalk Radio.  Stay tuned. 

I have a new show on Blogtalk Radio called Magickal Compass.  The show encompasses Spirituality, Consciousness, Mystical Alchemy. This is a show and radio series on my teachings and education connected to Ascension and Mystery School Teachings. Tune in and follow my shows on BlogTalk Radio.


Hyperspace Fridays live on KCOR Digital Radio Network 12 Midnight EST/09:00 PST.

All of my radio show archives are available for free on KCOR Digital Radio Network.

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