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Hyperspace launched on KCOR Digital Radio Network  March 18th of 2016. The show has been a great success and will continue to be. You can tune in to Hyperspace each Friday at 12 Midnight EST/09:00 P.M. PST on KCOR Digital Radio Network.

Hyperspace hosted by Solaris BlueRaven on the KCOR Digital Radio Network

Solaris BlueRaven during her presentation at UFO CON 2020 San Francisco, California. Her presentation was on her new published book called "Alien Intelligence" available for purchase on and Kindle. Stay tuned for more speaking engagements. 

Hyperspace Fridays live on KCOR Digital Radio Network 12 Midnight EST/09:00 PST. 

Tune in for Hyperspace at the KCOR Digital Radio Network on Fridays at 12 Midnight ET/09:00 PT. 

Sign up for the monthly archives and become a member of the Dark Vault. Hyperspace is going strong with host Solaris BlueRaven and the incredible guest interviews you can only get on KCOR.

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