NightShadow Anomaly Detectives

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Remote Distant Healing Sessions and Entity clearing session now available.

Solaris is now offering Distant Healing Sessions for Remote Distant Healing and Astral, inter-dimensional entity parasite removal. Sessions are $444.00 dollars. Please contact me if you would like a session. Ms. BlueRaven has over 35 years in Ancient healing modalties and practices. 

Sessions are not limited and are ever expanding. Types of sessions are listed.

*Clearing of entities

*Releasing vows and contracts

* Attunements to soul star, DNA activation and grid repair.

* Holographic grid repair

* Light Master Surgery

* Four body system repair and assessment

* Remote scan and house clearing

In depth sessions require a session in person. If you would like to sponsor a workshop in your local area contact me. Minimum of 15 people required to cover travel expenses.