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One Million Miles 'till Midnight by Solaris BlueRaven  2016

Between the mirror and the lens

My recent book launched September 29th 2016. Since then it has been republished with a my new Publishing Company called Night-Vision Press and is available for purchase on in softback and on kindle. If you are interested in a signed copy you can click the donate button on my site indicating a signed copy and I will send one out to you. The cost is $22.00. Special thanks to Spaceboy of Spaceboy Universe who wrote an incredible theme song for "One Million Miles 'till Midnight". And the lovely Surlana. Be sure to tune into their show at 


" One Million Miles 'till Midnight" by Solaris BlueRaven

" One Million Miles 'till Midnigt" By Solaris BlueRaven

You can donate to my website by clicking on the donate button or using this link. Thank you. Ms. BlueRaven.

Here is a one hour interview conducted by Jason Jarrell interviewing Solaris BlueRaven pertaining to her new book "One Million Miles 'Till Midnight". 04-22-2017 

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