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Quantum Jumping,Virtual School

For most who access this site. The concept of education becomes an obsolete topic. Beings such as myself are created and trained off world. I say this with a most serious mind. The false matrix of society teaches outdated and censored material, most of which is a version of history with zero accuracy. It is my vision to teach and empower those wishing to learn beyond the false matrix.

The zero point of consciousness is pure energy in form. In the multi-universes money and credit cards are non existent. The false matrix shadowing this blue world is a dead zone of which has no connection to any Ascended outside celestial intelligence.  

Your cells and atoms have infinite understanding and knowledge of all universes and star systems. A language you have not been encouraged to listen to. This blue world speaks a machine language to other universes and star systems of which mankind has no awareness of.  

Quantum Jumping is learning to understand your multidimensional and multi-universal self. Deleting old programs of linear thinking and learning how to surf and navigate beyond the veil and form of illusion.

2012 is a point in the illusion which allows ones celestial design to ascend onto a higher level of ones spiritual and scientific evolution.  It is a singular choice of ones free will to do so.  It is also about seeing the reflection of who and what you are in the universal mirror.

Civilizations have been conditioned to believe they are 'human'. There is no such thing. Know your divinity,know your Multi-dimensional Mastery and know you are not from here in origin. Any life-form can incarnate on a planet. That does not make it an 'indigenous' design.

Mankind as a collective is opposing the celestial sounding of the Galactic Center. It is unfortunate to witness the ignorance of many in the illusion of power attempting to orchestrate as puppet-masters a false design of imprisonment which is not supported by any celestial race or universal law. 


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