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 Full Report On the Alleged Alien Implant Removed

From An American Scientist Code-Named
"John Smith" 

Some time ago I wrote an open letter regarding the scientific findings of a possible implant that was removed from a scientist who has been code-named "John Smith."

Regarding the above, the report, in PDF format, which documents the findings to which I make reference may be examined  by clicking here.

However, one key finding can be understood by examining the chart below which shows that the putative implant that was removed from "scientist John Smith" has isotope ratios which are very much different than those which are normally found in terrestrial materials.

I thus believe it is proper to say that the removed object has (or had) non-terrestrial isotope ratios.  That would be consistent with the object having been constructed in a stellar system other than ours.

Regarding the 2.2% isotope shift of the Boron-10 isotope in the examined object, if the shift is due to a weak electron-capture process that leads to Beryllium-10, then the object could have come from a stellar system which began to evolve approximately 100 million years in advance of our solar system.  

That would be 00.022 * 4.6 Billion Years or roughly 100 million years.

It is thus conceivable that the alleged implant came from a civilization that began its stellar evolution roughly 80 million years in advance of ours.

Robert W. Koontz
Experimental Nuclear Physicist 

Bio Material Here


Analysis of Implant Removal

Implant Report Now Available 

Open Letter On Scientific Evidence for Extraterrestrial Implants

May 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist, and I was once with the US Navy's Naval Security Group. While assigned with the National Security Agency, I taught electronics related to remote intelligence gathering. My clearance is a lifetime National Security Agency Top Secret with Cryptographic Endorsement and Code-Word Access. 

In the web page linked to below, I have posted news articles and background information that substantiate my credentials.

Regarding Whitley Strieber's reports about alien implants and his recent interview of Dr. Roger Leir, and also regarding Whitley's interview of an American scientist who says he was implanted with some sort of technological device, I find the evidence very compelling.

In particular, I note the reported non-terrestrial isotope ratios of the putative implant, the reported emissions of electromagnetic energy and the apparent microstructure of the possible device. This is physical evidence that has been and can be analyzed.

I also note that the interviewed scientist seems quite clear-headed and sensible. Furthermore, the scientist has demonstrable knowledge about carbon nano-tubes and appears to indeed be the scientist he claims to be.

I see no reason whatsoever to discount what these men are saying. Indeed, quite the opposite is true: My opinion is that this matter should be taken very seriously and, eventually, should be openly addressed by both federal authorities and by the public.

However, I realize that federal authorities are unlikely to openly address this matter, and my opinion is that mainstream news media will not write even a single, unbiased, article on the subject. 

Nevertheless, if it is true that extraterrestrial persons are placing implants in the bodies of US citizens and US scientists, then the matter is of a national security nature that could be more serious than the threat from al-Qaeda and North Korea.

It is possible that my comments will be met with mockery and derision in some quarters. But that does not dissuade me in the least. Let the chips fall where they may. Truth is an ally; possible life on what could turn into a slave planet is not.


Dr. Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.
Web Site:


Implant Removal Data by Dr. Robert Koontz

Robert Koontz The implant reportedly emitted RF energy at numerous frequencies that I work with often. These were 1.2 gigahertz, 110 megahertz, 17 megahertz and 8 hertz. These are what I refer to as "scalar frequencies" and involve physics that most western scientists don't know much at all about. That's because most of the scientists in America are using the wrong physics. 

I think that if we were to look at a working implant, we would also see a signal at 6,250 Hertz as well.


Whitley Strieber on Radio Frequencies

Whitley Strieber Radio frequencies emitted by various implants: 8 Hz, 17 MHz, 110 MH, 1.2 GHz,
137.72926 MHz, 516.812 GHz.

 If they are manmade, they are made by people with very advanced technology. Also, why would they be using meteoric iron?

Solaris BlueRaven's response to Whitley Strieber on Radio Frequencies

The frequencies listed above are nothing out of the normal range of air traffic control with the exception of one. The conclusion is these implants are man made taggings. The body is a conductor and multi-universal antenna with an infinite range of celestial frequencies encoded in the DNA and cellular memory. This is why psychics have been used in the past for experimentation. The consciousness of the psychic is very expanded and usually star seed oriented.


Alien and Scalpel (A & S) Research

Scientific Analysis of Alien Implants and UFO Crash Debris. Steve Colbern, Chief Scientist. Steve worked in conjunction with the late Dr. Roger Leir on implant analysis and assessment.


Here is the most recent interview I did with Steve on Hyperspace at Dark Matter Radio. 2014. You can access my radio shows on my own You tube page called medusastorm001. 





Implant scan for Solaris BlueRaven done by Steve Colbern. 02-04-2012.

On 02-04-2012 Steve Colbern and his assistant Jade arrived to conduct an implant scan and assessment of possible alien implants inside my body. The implant assessment was confirmed and recorded as hard evidence there are implants in my field. According to Steve Colbern these implants signify a Hybrid design. I am currently archiving the footage to be revealed with the documentary I am working on. This is a healing confirmation to me as I was well aware I had implants. For anyone who has followed my work this assessment is yet again a true confirmation of my testimony which I communicated back in 2004.  More to follow.


Steve Colbern on Zero Point Energy 2012

Steve Colbern of (A & S) Research had some interesting comments pertaining to zero point energy which I can relate to. 


  The electronics are powered by zero point energy, so the temperature drop may be a consequence of this; whenever energy is pulled out of the zero point field, ambient heat makes up the difference, and the temperature of the surroundings drops.

 When the zero point field is in a slightly lower energy state, energy can also be pulled from electrical circuits, which can affect their function.


 For those of us who work with DNA activation and Ascension  oriented energies this data is in direct alignment. Merkaba and Multi-universal consciousness runs off of zero point energy as with universal anomalies for the most part. You cells and atoms when interconnected run off of zero point energy. 

My personal induction experience and the anomalies including the signal tagging was based on a zero point transmission with other resonance waves. It is nice to see the blending of higher sciences which I like to call Ascended Machine Technology with the Ascension energies which are based on intelligent energies in the universe, vibration and speed. 



Project: Soul Catcher Volume II by Robert Duncan


If you have not read this series you need to. For anyone who has experienced any type of psychotronic induction this should be your bible. I am beyond impressed with the technical description in accuracy of the covert technology which is being deployed across the globe. As a test pilot and inductee I can validate experiencing the tactical hardware. Please purchase his book and read it. The answers are in this series. Thank you Robert Duncan. 

Here is the link to Steve Colbern's new Alien Technology Website

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