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Synthetic or Artificial Telepathy

Remote neural interface based on a transmission of signal inter-connecting onto a target or host. 

"Neural network" usually refers to models employed in statistics, cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence. Neural network models which command the central nervous system and the rest of the brain are a black neuroscience and computational neuroscience.


Synthetic Telepathy

There are many forms of telepathy. The mind being a holographic unit and multidimensional is capable of infinite data streams running simultaneously. Society is not programmed to use their minds on a multi-dimensional level. They have been dumbed down by unhealthy information and lifestyles.

Ancient records would indicate there were those with Advanced abilities who did indeed hear communication,transmissions etc. It takes on many forms. Sometimes in the form of art,writing,inspiration,healing,music,sciences or many other avenues if only in small fractals. None the less it exists. A geometric light language undefinable in hyper dimensional space.

When one understands this blue world one would better understand the anomalies which impact our daily experiences. Most of the time the mass society is too busy to notice the sounding of an Earth in communication with other planets and universes including us as a life form. Mankind has his own mock radio signals jamming up the airspace. It is indeed a busy and noisy planet and what I would call non productive.

Believe it or not this planet is alive and conscious. It contains a true Celestial Akashic which no man not even in ancient mystery schools has deciphered with accuracy. To ignore this sounding in communication is to have ones life out of sync and balance with natural harmonics on a universal level. Mankind has ignored this sounding for a very long time. Those who have been able to tap into it and navigate have been persecuted in one way or another.

If you take mans misperception out of the equation, his laws, forced belief systems,programming,impressions and need to control you will see a veil uncovered which will radiate pure truth,enlightenment,knowledge and unlimited freedom.

This planet is a time machine beyond time merged with many dimensions,worlds and universes all in harmony with multiple world realities. These realities collide with the false realities and dictatorships of mankind.  

With planetary and universal Ascension in the now and the event Horizon making its affects known to us through the subconscious one can pay witness to the fragmentation of linear worlds. Worlds which have no foundation in any universe or star system. This goes for the beliefs created in them. The time trap is indeed created by man as there truly is no time and never was. Time is used as a benchmark for experience in navigation for traversing nothing more.

Telepathy is a natural ability which most people have forgotten how to use. Celestial races are natural telepaths. I am not talking greys or reptiles yet the true Celestial races who have never abused this natural gift.

With true planetary Ascension these natural gifts amplify as the vibrational speed and frequency increases. This increase creates a major multi-universal shift in the subatomic fields. People then alter in DNA,Light harmonic and consciousness on a higher level of their divinity. That is what true planetary Ascension and 2012 is about.

There are those who oppose this process as they have no power,control or influence in the vastness of a multi-universal realm.

These areas which I will call man made systems know it hence one will observe frequency fences,psychotronic weapons to attack the sacred mind,MK Ultra forced belief systems, and of course the man made religions of their version of god not to mention man made governments.  

Synthetic telepathy is inter-phasing ones natural telepathy onto a communications system in a hard drive area. Mapping the holographic mind and at times using it as a weapon against the target.

I must tell you I have ethics. I do not support the misuse of technology especially when the mind which is sacred is at risk. The last sacred temple is the holographic mind. The ultimate in violation.

God helmet or not these parallels reflect a version of an Atlantean war all over again. 


Ms.Solaris BlueRaven  





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