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Tarot and Timeline Astrology Sessions Available

Solaris BlueRaven is a world class psychic,clairvoyant, remote viewer. She also offers Tarot,Oracle and Timeline Astrology sessions to those in search of mystical insight. All appointments are done by phone or Skype. Please contact Ms. BlueRaven for more information.

Fees: $244.00 for one hour. $311.00 for one hour and 1/2. Quick consultations are $111.00 for 30 minutes. Packages can be made available. 

Ask me about the Summer special now available half off the regular price by mentioning this special. 

Understand that one manifests at will ones own reality. There are times when ones reality collides with an exterior direction not caused by the subject. Perhaps one needs more clarity. 

I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will communicate to you through a Multi-universal compass a direction which perhaps will empower you on your journey not only through this world yet many multi-universes as well.

If you are interested in contacting Ms. BlueRaven for a radio show, presentation at your conference or a private session you may reach out by emailing This is for radio shows/conference or private sessions only. All other inquires will be sent to SPAM or sent to the cyber division. Thank you. Nightshadow Management

Blessed Be,

Ms. BlueRaven 









Blue Star Fortress Coven (Order of the Blue Star)

Blue Star Fortress Coven (Order of the Blue Star) is an extension of Blue Star Celestial Order of Light. Founded in 2002 by Ms. Solaris BlueRaven. This coven is Eclectic Wicca and mixed traditional incorporating high alchemy and Ascension frequencies into the rituals. Blue Star Fortress is an organization which supports global pagan awareness and support to each community by Witchfests and Wiccan gatherings.  

Blue Star invites all witches from all areas in respect to their personal gifts and craft. For more information contact Ms. Solaris BlueRaven, Founder and High Priestess.  


Boulder Salem Witches Black Hat Society

The Boulder Salem Witches Black Hat Society founded in 2010 by Ms. Solaris BlueRaven in resonance with the Salem Witches Black Hat Society. Open to all Witches. Members gather monthly for tea to discuss upcoming projects,mysticism, events,networking.


Ms BlueRaven is an initiate and belongs to the Order of Melchizedek and Metatron. She is a Master Initiate and teacher in Enochian Angelic healing systems. Ms. BlueRaven is a teacher of Ascension. 

She is a Master Teacher in an array of ancient healing systems which include Ra Sheeba, Egyptian/Atlantean light Master Surgery, Reiki and Sekhem healing systems and Shaman Ancient Rain-forest healing. Solaris has been on the path of mysticism for over thirty years on this timeline alone. She is a mystical scientist and a master of her craft which embraces full light Ascension in divine alignment with ancient mystery schools of the Ancients. 

Ms. BlueRaven is a phenomenal profiler  using her finely tuned skills to decode data of which has been masked for centuries. Ms. BlueRaven is an Ascended Watcher.

Contact Ms. BlueRaven for more information 

Black Cat:)

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