NightShadow Anomaly Detectives

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Transfiguration, Matter into Light

Intelligent energy is the driver design behind one becoming a body of light. Ones high vibrational signature and frequency is the key which unlocks the codes to ones celestial DNA and Multi-Universal cellular memory.

The true Sacred Grail is the wellspring of the non human mind merged with the Great Cosmic mind also known as Infinite Consciousness. 

We are in the event horizon and are merged with infinite multi-universes. Learn to navigate this force. Scientists are just now discovering anomalies which indicate something unique is transpiring in the universe. Those of us who teach Universal Ascension have known this for a long time.

 Time does not exist and has been used as a benchmark for experimentation. Vibrational force is taking the helm opening up Celestial gateways into multi-universes. All three dimensional man made programs and data are recycling back to the universe by the law of Grace.

Mankind's dream is over. 

 Ms.Solaris BlueRaven




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